Developer security for teams of all sizes
Plans & Pricing
A free offering tailored for enthusiasts to dive into the world of secure coding.
  • Unlimited Public Project
  • 6 Programming Lanugage Support
  • Taint Analysis
A step up for individual users and small teams, focusing on versatility and enhanced analysis.
Per private project
  • All features included in Community version
  • AI Assistant
  • Parallel Scan
  • PDF/HTML summary report generation
An advanced solution crafted for dynamic teams aiming for seamless security integration.
Per private project
  • All features included in Pro version
  • CI-CD Plugins (Azure, Jenkins, Github)
  • API
  • Ticket Management (Jira)
  • Scan Customization
The pinnacle of adaptability and tailored experiences for large-scale organizations.
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Cloud Self Hosted
  • All features included in Business version
  • On-premise deployment
  • Manual invoicing
  • Rich API
  • Dedicated support
  • Custom user roles
  • Comprehensive report
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